Casein Peptone

Casein peptones are manufactured by enzymatic hydrolysis of selected milk proteins. Traditionally used enzyme preparations have long been based on natural active ingredients such as pancreatin. Biotechnological enzymes obtained by fermentation are increasingly used today. To avoid any BSE contamination, Organotechnie exclusively uses milk proteins produced in non-affected countries such as New Zealand. In addition, the casein we use comes from milk intended for human consumption and meets the requirements of regulatory agencies.


Casein Peptone Plus is a multipurpose pancreatic casein hydrolyzate enriched with growth factors


  • The fine cream powder is easily soluble in water.
  • Contains a blend of peptides, free amino acids and growth factors.
  • Casein Peptone Plus is made only from New Zealand milk material.


Source of organic nitrogen and growth factors recommended in media for:

Analytical Microbiology
Industrial fermentation (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic)
Life sciences


A certificate of analysis and a health certificate is delivered with each delivery.

Packaging and storage

  • 25 kg net corrugated cardboard box with inner polyethene bags.
  • On request: 5 kg plastic drum.
  • Store in its original closed packaging when not in use.
  • at room temperature in a dry place.
  • Hygroscopic product.
  • Shelf life: 5 years.